Once the jewelry to be Nearest sissy to deserve to be worn and needed to be made ​​of precious materials such as gold, silver, and precious stones. Today, fashion, proposes alternatives certainly not equally valuable but certainly of a certain creativity and innovative ideas. The jewelry can be of lace, plastic or even wood. Here’s how to make the earrings from this material that nature offers us.

First you need to have small tools necessary to realize our earrings (see item Needed) and then you must choose the wood. Since the objects that are suspended from the ears, it is clear that they must be light so I would recommend buying the balsa that is really light and not heavy at all once wore the earring finished. The balsa addition, you can easily drill using the tunnel.


The sheet of wood must be thin and its thickness should not exceed 3 mm. Now take the paper and draw the shape you want. That same form will have your earring . You can draw a leaf, a circle, a diamond or any other entity. Trim the image and now reproduce them on the wood using the paper to mark the boundaries. If you want your earrings have the same shape, cut them. In tracing the contours be careful because the balsa is very soft and may crack or break. With the tunnel cut the two shapes drawn.

Now you have cut your earrings but you Thread the left the outline. Used for this purpose sandpaper in order to have a clean and blunt. At this point you have to drill earrings will be placed on the side where the hook. Mounted on a small drill bit and drill the hole thin. Also smoothed the holes with sandpaper and hook the nuns . Your earrings are ready but if you want something more flashy, you can decorate it as you wish or with decals, or with very colorful and translucent glazes or attacking the earrings small chips or small stones in imitation of those precious. Ideal zircons or laps lazuli. With this system you can create as many jewelry including necklaces, bracelets and pendants. There is no limit to the creativity and the variety of things that you can create: just free your imagination!.