If you want to do a lip gloss alone, because I like to create and then apply make-up or simply because you want to save money, expressing your creativity, you are in the right place. Here I will explain how to create a home-made lip gloss with natural products, so that it colors your lips making him good at the same time. In addition, in the process to create the lip gloss, I will tell you how to create the gloss, best color for your lips and always in a natural way. In this guide I will begin to describe to you need you need, specifying in detail the quantity of the items and tell you how to create the lip gloss and lip gloss in different processes .

First you must bring their own ingredients and suitable for creating gloss and gloss, and then take: Shea butter, cocoa butter, castor oil, sunflower oil, rice bran oil, of giogioba, bees wax, mineral pigments and eye shadows . While the amount of the essential ingredients are: 1.5 grams of beeswax, 2 grams of Shea butter, cocoa butter 2 grams, 8 grams of castor oil, 4 grams of sunflower oil and natural pigment.


First, put in a water bath to heat 2 grams of Shea butter, cocoa butter 2 g and 1.5 g of beeswax in a jar inside a saucepan. Add to the butter while they are in a double boiler, 8 grams of castor oil and 4 grams of sunflower oil, and expect to end up of heat. Pour the liquid created in various containers and insert the pigment according to the color you want, for example, you can insert rose gold mineral makeup. After inserting pigment, mix it with the liquid well and if you want to have darker colors you can mix the different colors or add more pigment when inserting pigment into containers. Take care to use small containers where you will create the gloss.

Finally, to create the lip gloss, take what is left in the pot with a 5 ml syringe, injected into a vial and close with the protection So your homemade lip gloss is ready to use. Remember that it was made ​​with natural products then can not do anything but good addition to your lips if you put the liquid lip gloss in a container of lip gloss no one will notice that it has been done in the house because it will seem as if you bought in a store.