One in two women wearing the wrong bra size. While this is not very dangerous, but it can have unpleasant consequences. We spoke with an expert. We also tell you how to measure your bra size correctly.

Women know their bra size. Or at least you can call a number and a letter, if they ask for it. But this is actually the right size? One in two women namely to wear the wrong bra size without knowing it. This is now the result of a survey * on the bra lingerie and swimwear provider. Reason for the bad buys: Many women can measure their bust size has never professionally. Why is it so important that one does not wear the wrong bra size? And what must be particularly women with larger breasts look for in her bra? We worked with Dr. Christian Albring , president of the Professional Association of German Women’s Association and gynecologist from Hanover spoken.

What should women look for in their bras? Dr. Albring : Women should wear a bra, which surrounds the breast completely. With a bra, it is important that the outer bracket extends to the front armpit line. The inner headband should front between the breasts on the skin lie and not stick out. The women have to feel comfortable in her bra, it may press pinch anything, or cut. Is it true that wearing the wrong bra can cause chest pain? Breast tissue is very sensitive. And not the fat and connective tissue, but the embedded mammary glands. If this too much pressure is applied, then it can cause pain. For example, this occurs when a woman is wearing a too small bra, push in the clip on the chest. Is the bra blame when a woman on back pain complains? cause of back pain can be too much of a bosom.


The size of the breast results in a preponderance forward whereby the spine is loaded unilaterally. Women with large breasts should therefore ensure that they wear a bra that fits really optimal. The carrier should be a little wider, for example, so that they do not cut and hurt. Can wearing the wrong bra can cause headaches? headaches can occur when the neck muscles will fail charged. This may occur when the breast is very large and heavy and the muscles by the weight will be charged accordingly. A woman wears then a bra in the wrong size, too small a cup and a too narrow under band, then this is obviously not conducive. What should women pay with larger breasts? It is important that they have a bra with a wider under band . select Because this helps the chest. Many women make the mistake of buying just a nice bra and expect the carrier to pay their bust size but this is not the intention.

The carrier then cut a. The result is often deep gouges in the shoulder area, as well as back pain. Should I take off the bra at night or start? undressing is definitely recommended to regenerate muscles and tissues. One should only kept on the bra when you get pain otherwise. Why women should ever wear a bra? women with a cup size of B up should, if they are in motion, always wear a bra and support their breasts. And this is not medical, but for cosmetic reasons. The chest is ultimately only one filled with fat and connective tissue in which the glandular cells are embedded. By gravity it is pulled down, the connective tissue is worn out. Who wants to have a happy sagging breasts? A bra holds the breast also remote from the skin, which is located underneath. Located on the chest, it gets wet at this point, and can lead to fungal diseases. The chest should therefore always lie entirely in the basket.