The Day From has finally arrived, our smile and the white dress enchants and fascinates all the guests, while our spouse throws us looks very allusive. Surely in his mind is already looking forward to after dinner. The ceremony takes place in the best way and when it finally ends up we could finally dedicate himself body and soul to our wedding night. Let us see some advice on what to wear on the first night with him.


If the choice of the wedding dress we spent a lot of time and energy, clothing to use for the wedding night is not an easier task. Many can be ideas on which we can wander, what matters most is to choose a dress that as an imperative in order to highlight our forms, hiding any flaws but at the same time make us feel at complete ease. However, the choice is also closely linked to the type of dress that we decide to buy, if this presents wide necklines and requires underwear short and sweet, in this case we should necessarily opt to buy two sets, the second definitely much more romantic. The fabric is definitely the most suitable lace, but also as satin or silk, the color is at the discretion even if for a night so special and romantic you could opt for white, or at least very muted colors such as meat, gray very clear and ivory.

Here’s how to enhance our physical taking into account the various types of clothing. We start from the classical body, this fantastic garment could be very suitable if our stomach is not exactly flat. In this case, the garment will be just the same to come to our aid hiding the meat floss more. Once this small drawback is passed we could think of choosing a model that has a wide neckline able to exploit fully our cleavage.

If you opt for one broken classic panties and bra , in this case we always think of enhancing the physical with classical models but they do bring out the forms. To give a bolder tone clothing you could think about adding a short petticoat transparent fabric to serve as a see-teasing the imagination of your husband.

Let us now talk about a garment from high sensual charge. We are talking about stockings in combination with an equally sensual Guerrero. Being a very unique clothing , maybe it would be better not to wear it all day , preferring instead to something more comfortable, but wearing it at a later time in the intimacy. To complete your look on this night so magical, something should be a splash of perfume, of course, the one preferred by your him.