If the most important day in life is present, many brides fall into a panic search for the perfect wedding dress. Because most days since child already dreaming of it to proceed as a beautiful fairy princess to the altar and to attract the admiring glances of the groom and the guests themselves.

Here every bride has her own ideas of a perfect wedding dress. The selection of wedding fashion seems unlimited and range from opulent tulle gowns, elegant silk dresses, to gowns made of delicate lace. Most important is that the bride feels on her big day. Who does not want to bring up the whole program can exchange veil and train against Garland and hippie dresses. The modern bride of today remains unimpressed by previous stereotypes and find their own style. Possible expectations on the part of the audience should it remain irrelevant, because after all, nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman who wears what she likes. Flamboyant colors and cuts are therefore no longer a rarity. Even an old vintage dress that was already the mother of the altar, can disperse a very special charm.


Who does not see the forest for the trees can bring numerous inspirations, before choosing a wedding dress on the Internet. For example, many brides draw inspiration from the wedding dresses of celebrities. Not infrequently, women dream of a wedding dress a la Kate Middleton or Kate Moss. But even inexpensive models can be styled with matching accessories to unique eye-catchers.

Not only bride and groom stand before the wedding before deciding “what should I wear?”. Even the guests want to dress smart and suitable for such occasions. Therefore, any dress code in each case should be considered. An unwritten law, the following rules apply: The bride should be the center of attention! From provocative sexy dresses is therefore not recommended, because nobody wants to steal the bride on her wedding day the show. White is the color only and only to the newlyweds and also the color of mourning black should be avoided.

With the right preparation can also find a beautiful dress without stress. And at the end of the day anyway mainly carry the mood and atmosphere to the fact that the wedding an unforgettable experience.