All of us, at least once, we daydreamed the most important event of our life: marriage. Such an important day certainly deserves a dress of exception. So even if we are aware of the fact that will be worn only once and then left in our closet for the rest of the time, we can not give up laces, embroideries and laces! But to make sure that our dress is preserved to perfection without losing its original splendor, certainly not enough mothballs as for sweaters of wool! This simple guide outlines the few simple tips to better preserve our wedding dress and to ensure that it remains intact over time without yellowing remaining a beautiful memory, perhaps to pass in time!


First, you should make sure to locate a laundry in your area that specializes in treatments on clothes wedding: in this way you can be sure to have something to do with true professionals. However, before taking it in the laundry, you better make sure that the dress has no rips, holes or stains, so you can complain about the right in case of damage.

Recommended that your dress undergoes the best possible treatment and that, at the end of the washing procedure, is put in a box that does not contain special acids; everything must be done only after the dress was wrapped in sheets of paper that do not release substances capable of taking away the original color. Unfortunately this kind of specific treatments can be quite expensive: they may, in fact, costing you even get to 200-300 euro. It will be well, therefore, ask about costs before they start washing.

If, however, the figure seems too high and you’re not willing to spend all those pennies, you may opt for a simple dry cleaning (in this case make sure that they take all the precautions specified before) and put off until later on in the time a washing more specific. Whether you opt for a specific treatment for a wedding dress than for dry cleaning, once brought the dress home from the laundry, you will need to store it in its original case for formal wear, the same was delivered to you by tailoring, but not before having it wrapped in an old white sheet that you just washed with hot water and detergent without.