Finally begins the summer and we are ready to enjoy the beaches, the sea and the sun by spending some wonderful moments of relaxation in swimsuit. Not for everyone but this is a moment so simple, especially those who are very attentive to his own line and not give too much to the eye, especially if it has a particularly sculpted body. In this guide, we will give some advice for how to choose the suitable costume to his body. Here is how to proceed and how to go about choosing the best costume.

The first thing to do is to choose all models of costumes that you would like to purchase. In the event that your physique was athletic, slim and thin, it is virtually certain that you could choose any type of model, what you like, be it a bikini, a costume balconette, padded, in whole or triangle it is. The situation becomes more difficult but if you have any fettuccine to hide such as a bit ‘of flab here and there, a back background particularly “enhanced” or any other part of the body “abundant” you would not want to accentuate with a costume is not suitable. In this case, you should avoid buying too skimpy costumes but opt for something more opaque.


aIf but instead have a body too thin you’ll have to drop the choice of a model a bit more “fair” and at the same time “busy” with some straps (slip that you are wearing the tying cords). As regards the part of the bra, can buy a padded model and, at the same time not too large. A padded triangle and the attachment with cords could be ideal. In this case you will have to avoid dark colors (especially black, but also the dark blue, purple, dark green and so on) that have a completely opposite effect since soar and make it leaner (would not it be yours).

Even if you have a fairly pronounced cleavage, do not buy a skimpy triangle or a padded bra will need to choose instead a model that highlights the excessively. In this case also the color plays a fundamental role For example, the black color might be a good choice given that “pulls” Another very important factor is that elgato to your activities on the beach If you are sedentary and have all the time in the water or sitting on the deck, you can choose costumes not too tight to Body If you love sports and diving, it is preferable to buy a model that is firmly on the body if you do not want to risk running out some “piece”.