It is very important to know how to behave when you first arrive at a modeling agency. Nor is it to arrive with an hour of advance with 5 minutes will be enough. If you are late for your interview you will have a very bad first impression and what will happen is that the agency will not trust you to be punctual when they send you to the client so you could lose a good opportunity.

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Unless you are a minor, you must go alone to the appointment. Do not go with friends so family members at an interview in an agency because they might think that it will always be and that you would be fatal in front of the customer. Introduce yourself with a good book. A photo book is your cover letter, your resume so it should be flawless and contain only very good photos.

Try to look like the pictures. If you have sent photos to the agency, try not to look very different from them. The photos you send in advance to the agency must be recent and you must have the same look you currently have. This means that you do not have to change your color or haircut, because who you wait for is the person in the photo, not another that looks very different.

Do not try to pretend what you are not. In your book, you must have photographs that reflect the type of model you want to be. If you only measure 1.60 meters, your photographs should not be just fashion. If you are not going to want to work as a model for underwear, you should not have these types of photos in your book.

To be a model you need to have a high self-esteem and know how to accept a criticism. Never argue with an agency or get defensive. When you give your opinion, some suggestion or advice simply listen, thank them and leave. If you realize that several agencies give you the same comment, then maybe you should listen to them and try to change whatever the problem is.

When you are contacted to ask for an interview or before you make an appointment to visit a modeling agency, you should investigate the agency. Remember that a serious agency should never ask you for money in advance. You have to check that the agency really has good clients and that it gets work for its models. Also, find out if the agency specializes in what you want to work on. For example, if you are model of large sizes, petite or child, you must ask the agency before to waste time.