The summer season has just opened its doors, the desire to sea grows. But are you ready to wear your costume and maybe wear a sarong suitable? As you know, pareo, is a particular piece to dress up and show off like any other garment summer! Subject cult fashion sea, a native Polynesian pare is able to spread in all the beaches of the world from Miami until arriving on our shores. Wearable in many ways due to its versatility can be transformed from a simple scarf in a real dress! But what is the best way to combine this head to our costume?


Very often in the best fashion shops, we find sarongs for delicate fabrics coordinated with costumes combined according to their own tastes. The pareo, in addition to color, originality and continue to be one of the leaders more comfortable in the summer, is a great way to camouflage the strategic points of the body and to leave its show in others. In recent years, many famous fashion houses have raised floral patterns and prints tiles with matching pare-costume.

If you do not have a clue what is the best way to be able to combine a sarong to a costume (if you have not purchased a coordinated) a good start would be to pull the clothes based on the event. The trends in vogue in recent years, tribal prints reminiscent of the black and ivory to fit in golden costumes especially suitable for cocktails by the pool. For a look from the beach easier but at the same time original, a chiffon sarong and a solid one-piece swimsuit will give delicacy and uniqueness. The elegance of the shades of cream-colored costumes and sarongs, raised in recent summers chic is perfect for an occasion like a beautiful sunset at the beach maybe wearing a nice pair of golden plateau.

There are thousands of prints, patterns and colors to choose from and combine. In addition to the types of costumes (whole band, Brazilian, bikini, trikini, padded, low waist, high waist, shoulder) there are many ways to make a particularly simple sarong draping it over your body in a variety of ways : a skirt, tunic, to dress or one shoulder, sheath, etc. The variety of costumes available on the market today and the versatility of sarongs, means that each of you is able to adapt the two leaders to their physical and right opportunity. Give way to your imagination and create the new trend!