The bra in sports is the main ally of women supports the breast, protects and helps in movement, avoiding unpleasant and embarrassing bumps. Choose it correctly is very important. In fact, it is not always sufficient to rely on well-known brands, but it is essential to know the proper one to your body. Those found in commerce, in fact, are very standard and differ only in the measure; but every woman is different and needs an appropriate bra. This guide will show you how to choose the right sports bra.

The first important step to select a good bra is knowing the right size. Do not trust the models that allow you to be aware only of the size of the cup. Equally important, in fact, the circumference lacing. There may be, for example, prosperous women but with a very tight chest or vice versa. You must then measure it with a meter to tailor both the breadth of your chest area beneath the breastbone and take steps accordingly. In case you do not know how to figure out what is the most suitable, you can ask the clerk for help.


The second step is to carefully choose the cups. If it is within the “small size”, you can focus on models with the band, much more comfortable for the absence of cues and padding, but in the third it is better to rely on the most popular models, because they provide a better support, reducing the oscillations. It is therefore not just a matter of convenience : a more abundant breast needs to be supported by a more rigid structure to be maintained and toned up. To understand which model is more correct, no need here to use the meter, but just try a few and notice if the breasts protrude from the underarm area, from the lower or upper: to avoid those malcontent.

Now we need to pay close attention to the position of the seams. During training, in fact, they would risk to rub on the skin, creating, as well as discomfort, irritation and sores.If their position is not correct, for example, is located near the nipple , it is easier to irritate. For the same reason, avoid any and all decorations like lace, beads, rhinestones or studs, non-breathable fabrics and any hooks. The aesthetic is definitely very important for a bra especially in intimate contexts or if you wear clothes transparent, but during the practice of sports you need to put in first place the health and comfort.