The day of your wedding is very important and, equally important, is to treat all the details so meticulous . The brides care much about their appearance and the appearance of their bodies: that is why it is essential to nail care. For the day of the wedding , how to choose the enamel dress? Here are some useful advice in the following steps.

The manicure of the bride should be perfect because your hands will be an item that will complement the overall framework consists of dress, hairstyle and makeup. Your hands should be clean and, therefore, the enamel must be in harmony with at least two factors: the dress and makeup.

Starting abbot, we can immediately say that the enamel has to be coordinated with the color of the dress , if the dress is a light color, such as white, cream or pink old, you definitely should choose a delicate color and clear. It would not be advisable to use too strong a color, such as red, as it would be out of tune with the rest of the outfit much more delicate. For this kind of clothing is also recommended a very light make-up and consequently the polish that you are going to use will be solid.


If, however, you have a white dress alternated with a strong color (the classic combination is white with burgundy), the nails may be colored with strong enamel to match the color of the dress could be simple or complex decorations that do stand out hand and at the same time all the elegance of the dress. Very important is also a nice trick that is of the same intensity of the chosen color.

With regard to the enamel, it is interesting to know that there are types of glazes that provide an excellent seal for outdoor applications: light and delicate with a glaze should be applied details, such as pearls or rhinestones that give a special touch to the hand . These features can also be carried out in a home, do it yourself, but using the right equipment.

Also could be used on enamel dark filaments also gel with glitter light or compact that will finish very refined aesthetic. Even better if such decorations are made ​​of strong colors so that, by contrast, would emphasize the detail. Taking care of the appearance of the enamel, certainly in the day of the wedding the bride will be impeccably perfect!