Whitney Thompson is a size model who won the 10th round of the competition America’s Next Top Model TV show Tyra Banks reality. With its place on the list MSN Lifestyle of the most influential women of 2008, Whitney Thompson became the spokesperson for the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) and has recently launched a range of candles and jewelry named “Supermodel.” Despite all this, Whitney Thompson wished onto the stage of the auditorium Russell House on Tuesday 21 February at the request of Carolina Productions (University of South Carolina) to denounce the atrocities of the fashion industry.

“For those of you who do not are preview, it’s what looks like a big dummy,” she said to a cheering audience. At the agency 15 years, Whitney Thompson trying to lose the “overweight” as modeling agencies in Miami he had diagnosed. She eventually decides to abandon her modeling career to go to university to become a doctor. During spring break of his first year of high school, then she bought a chocolate bar in an airport in Los Angeles that a woman came to him proposing to participate in America’s Next Top Model: Whitney Thompson refuses to initially but ultimately leaves convinced by the talent scout who promises it will be considered and respected as a true model.


Whitney Thompson has raised the issue with a 38 you are considered “too big to be a model” and that people consider this size below the national average as large in the world of modeling “Healthy and beautiful. NICE is not a size or age! “. In response to the controversy on the reputation that he brought his large, Whitney Thompson has explained: “I did not tell you to eat whatever you want, do not eat a whole chocolate cake by entering the Whitney Thompson house because you said it was OK. I do not advocate obesity. I’m not saying that you should be unhealthy. I not denigrate people who are naturally thin. If you’re naturally thin, it is very good for you.

There are valid reasons to diet but most of us plan for the wrong reasons, just because we try to be like the girls in magazines. Because you need to keep in mind that in the industry there photo shop. I do not think we realize how much retouching is widespread. When you meet models and celebrities in person, they have nothing to do with their pictures in magazines. “. Whitney Thompson noted that the Olay brand advertising in which the model Twiggy touts an anti-aging eye was so heavily edited that it was banned from broadcast in England on the decision of the Bureau of Verification Publicity British. “Some countries have rules about this but America does nothing.

The girls were more afraid of being fat than having cancer, to live a war or losing their parents “Whitney Thompson has shocked the audience with some statistics that show for example that some women are afraid of getting pregnant fear of having a baby fat, or that 95% of women dieters regain the weight they lost within 5 years after their diet. “We have a responsibility to our future, our friends, our family to fight against this madness. You can see from our diversity that men and women are attracted to all kinds of people and you do not have to succumb to plastic surgery and starvation. If your boyfriend thinks your breasts are too small, you do not need implants but a new boyfriend. And if your boyfriend thinks your ass is too big, you do not need liposuction but a new boyfriend.

The majority of models parades are under 16, and Whitney Thompson was often competing with girls 13 years who had not yet reached puberty (with forms that go with) or others who are playing dangerously with their health to keep the body of their pre-puberty to avoid being returned to their country of origin. Her roommate drank only lemon juice with cayenne pepper and a drop of maple syrup as part of its plan until it had serious health problems. Whitney Thompson ended his speech by recalling that Anorexia is not a lifestyle choice, it is a disease: eight million Americans have eating disorders, of which seven million are women.