Vitamin C is one of the most popular because of its nutritional properties who has not heard his grandmother or his mother says that you have to drink an orange juice every morning to avoid colds? However, it is also one of the ingredients with more benefits for the skin.

Dr. Serrano, from Sidearm Laboratories, explains that vitamin C is one of the most used cosmetic assets for its antioxidant properties. It fights free radicals generated by sunrays. In addition, it is the ideal asset to recover the luminosity of the skin and to unify its tone.

Feed your face with vitamin C

From the No expert laboratories they point out that vitamin C is a real shield against daily aggressions since in addition to antioxidant it is anti-inflammatory anti-redness, ant allergic and is a great reinforcement of genes fibroblasts collagen.

How to give vitamin C to your skin

With age, in addition to wrinkles and spots, the skin of the face turns off, becomes opaque and loses its natural luminosity. However, vitamin C can help you recover, so it is advisable to incorporate it into the beauty routine from the age of 25-30.

For this, you have a large number of products: from serums creams, booster that you can apply both day and night, throughout the year. With vitamin C you will notice your skin more luminous and radiant, in fact it has a flash effect in the short term that if you have not tried it, you will love it.

In the long term, vitamin C will help fight spots for its whitening effect and wrinkles lightly marked, as well as unify the tone of your skin. It also stimulates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid (both with age are depleted) providing firmness to the skin. Here you have a selection of products with vitamin C so you do not miss your beauty routine and get the radiant and youthful skin that your dream.