With the arrival of spring and summer is leaving the so-called period of marriages, friends and family begin to distribute their holdings to invite you to the wedding and you, over at the thought of having to make a nice gift , you will also be involved in the choice a beautiful elegant dress to wear on their wedding day. Here’s how to choose a suitable wedding attire.

First you need to start from the fact that the day of the wedding is the bride to have to stand in the spotlight and under the watchful eyes of all the guests. This is to let you know that your dress, as invited, can not and should not be too flashy to attract the attention of others. The first rule to follow is to avoid certain colors, first of all WHITE (color of the bride ) and BLACK (color is not suitable for a wedding marriage, considered in the folk tradition color of mourning). Evita, and also in general the colors too garish and neon and in general all the shades of purple.


like best, so as colors, not too bright pastel colors such as lilac, beige, blue, blue, or dress in floral pattern that will give a touch of elegance chis. Having said that we move to the model of the dress. Generally vestments are divided into 2 main categories: the long and the short. The long dress, very elegant, is usually worn by the relatives of the couple closer as parents, siblings or witnesses. If you are simply a distant relative or friend, you should opt for short dress. Avoid clothes that are too low-cut on both the breast and on her backside, remember that it is a ceremony and everyone must maintain a certain decorum.

If you do not want to wear the traditional dress , you can always opt for a suit jacket and trousers or skirt and jacket Again, be careful with the colors and necklines, choose a under jacket elegant , perhaps in silk or enriched with rhinestones , so that to maintain a certain elegance, even when, in the hall, you will have taken off his jacket.

Finally, the stock market, for this occasion, the bag must be strictly small and the same color of the shoes. You can choose from a small clutch bag or a shoulder strap to hang with the latch. In the stock market you will need to put the bare essentials: wipes, cell phone and lipstick. If you anticipate that the shoes will be uncomfortable, worn behind the patches and a spray refreshing to combat the sore feet.