Your skin plays a bad stage of puberty? Blackheads and pimples have taken their neighborhoods on your face? And yes, acne is not just for teenagers! It now affects 25% of adults and more women. Fortunately, there are solutions acne treatment and prevention, without a trace. Decryption.

What is acne?

Skin naturally produces sebum and creates a protective lipid film deal with multiple external aggressions. When this secretion is superabundant, excess sebum blocks the sebaceous follicles (pores). It thus causes bacterial growth responsible for the appearance of the black points and micro cysts white (the buttons ). Acne in adult women The acne is more common among the women adult. The exact reasons for this acne are not known with certainty. Tobacco, stress, fatigue, pollution, but overuse of cosmetics or hormonal fluctuations can cause these small annoyances skin. Blackheads and pimples are usually on the chin, around the mouth and at of the nostrils. If their development is linked to hormonal imbalances specific to adolescence, it may nevertheless be favored in the premenstrual period or in case of inadequate contraceptive use. Acne can arise when hormonal imbalances (or stop taking the pill, pregnancy, menopause).


A preventive health

Healthy skin requires impeccable hygiene. We can not say enough, it is important to wash your face morning and night with soap or mild detergent and unscented. Ideally, then apply a moisturizer. gestures completed once per week, applying a scrub and a mask. They help soften the skin and remove impurities. priority? The product choice. Contrary to popular belief, you can have a sensitive skin and acne breakouts. In this case, the use of gels cleansing might further irritate the skin. Do not wash your face too often or too aggressively. So do an assessment to see what your true skin type and choose the products that match. To avoid having scars or dark spots on the where you have pimples, do not scratch, do not drill etc. Do not touch your face not to promote the emergence of bacteria at these locations.