The wedges are must-haves of the season summer, a must-have accessory in the wardrobe of every woman. It is a type of shoe very versatile, able to adapt to a long dress that one shorts to be worn in the evening or in the morning depending on the type of model staggeringly high or low average, plain or floral prints. In this guide, pick out the perfect heads with which to wear them and what are the mistakes to avoid.

The jeans is an item that every woman have in their wardrobe, in different patterns and colors: to be coupled with a pair of wedges is never a mistake, whether it’s day or evening output. The wedge gives style to a classic jeans and makes the whole outfit lively and colorful. Worthy of note is the “boyfriend” jeans, or the oversized jeans, soft and wide (generally with a low crotch) to wear with the bottom folded so as to make the wedge worn the real star of the outfit.


The same goes for pants trying to put the right focus in the combination of colors. A note of honor, in this case, for the pants flared: may not appeal to everyone but it is certain that they are back in fashion, so wear them with wedges soar high and you will not go unnoticed.

Beware of leggings: do not look good at all and we must always remember that it should be replaced to pants For these reasons, if you do not want to give up this type of garment then miscegenation a model to the knee (obviously remember to wear long sweaters) and to we combine wedges fairly neutral and low.

As for skirts and dresses must make the appropriate distinctions. The skirts and dresses are perfect for extra-long women more or less high (in spite of the common areas) as long as you identify the right combinations: in this case the wedge can help to slim the figure without adding to the whole outfit. Even in the case of skirts and short dresses this type of shoe does his duty, but pay attention to the model: the wedges with laces and straps wrap the foot very well but they tend to swell ankle and calf are therefore to be avoided if you do not have skinny legs and long-limbed. Similarly, you must be careful in the matching of shorts (denim or other models).

Beware of short skirts and adherents (better known as skirts): it is true that the wedges soar but you are likely to get little look absolutely elegant and refined.