If we want to build yourself a mask latex for the carnival or for a theme party, we can achieve it easily using materials that cost little and put together can give rise to a fine mask able to have the desired effect. The system is a mosaic of many pieces of latex readily available at home ( gloves ) and a game of lipstick and color temperature are able to customize the mask depending on whether it is a horror character, a clown , a cartoon character or even of music and sport. The easiest one to realize, however, that of a clown when its thanks to the play of colors lends itself best to be created.

The material that we need to fulfill our latex mask is as follows: a bit ‘of gloves latex that we use in the kitchen, tempera colors of different shades, a pair of scissors, the glue and a couple of balls of wool colored (to realize the hair).


With all the material available so we can start our work. So let us take a bag for food and cut your hands so that it becomes a simple bag. Now we cut the bag on one side and we do become a measure of our head by measuring the height and diameter of the latter (making someone to help), after which we support on a workbench and with little pieces of latex taken from the kitchen gloves begin to cover it completely both ahead and astern. At this point, after finishing the collage with latex (using glue) begin to color the surface of skin color using mixtures of tempera. Also obtained the skin effect can fill the skull with hair. For these we take the wool yarn in black or brown hair and create the attacking strains in the vicinity of the head. Now after opening the compartments to release our eyes, nose and mouth, we can comfortably wear the latex mask so you can finish directly reflecting the image in the mirror. Thanks to it we can retouch lips, eyelashes and eyebrows using permanent markers and lipstick.

With this you can create various shades depending on whether it is zombies or witches When the operation is finished, gently take off the mask, we give a few more tweaking if necessary, then we make it dry and end with a spray can of flatting gloss give you a pass that compacts permanently colors, latex and glue, by placing a mask to form truly worthy of those pre-packaged.