Los Angeles has more going for it than just standard apparel. There are also quite a few up and coming designers. Here are a few fashion designers that you should keep your eye out for, since they may be influencing fashion near you. All of these designers have some sort of California design degree.

Of Two Minds
Of Two Minds is an L.A.-based fashion designer that specializes in print on print contemporary clothing. You can expect to see lots of black and white stripes and Persian flair.

Sunjoo Moon is bringing all of these fashion designs to the western world. She wants to create a simplistic fashion for the summer, and for the winter, she wants to provide a fashion line that is easily layered.


Maybe you don’t have a thing for simplistic dresses, but you feel an urban vibe. A.L.C. is trying to branch out and connect with that inner urbane girl.

The highlights of this up and coming fashion designer are the way the styles portray modern apparel. It blends traditional clothing elements with more rugged components, such as leather jackets. Overcoats and dresses are also a mainstay in this wardrobe.

L’Agence has a catchy name, that’s for sure. Is it bringing more than just a catchy name? Here is their apparel line up; not to mention, what separates them from the rest of the designers on this list.

You can expect beautiful, washed-silk dresses, crumpled maxi-skirts, sharp high on the waist pants and delicate T-shirts as part of L’Agence’s line. The only word that comes to mind for this designer is elegance.

Raquel Alegra
Have you ever pictured yourself wearing a piece of apparel formerly worn by an inmate? Probably not, but Raquel Alegra certainly has imagined it. What does she bring to mannequin?

Her whole goal is to bring about an artistically distressed look. It’s the kind of look you would expect to be worn by a renegade artist, but it is not without a certain appeal. The rib knit skirts look estranged, but they also bring elegance with them. This is “I am beautiful” type of flair.

Les Aperizes
Blending masculine apparel and feminine qualities can be a daunting task. This is the look behind Les Aperizes’ fashion line. But, one thing is for certain, feminine and masculine mixes are in fashion.

Frilled and high-necked blouses are one item that this fashion house is bringing to town. Not to mention, low slung trousers, a typical male item, and functional maxi-dresses. The lineup is quite extensive, but all of it is elegant and beautiful in an androgynous sense.

J Brand
This up-and-coming designer is going rogue when it comes to fashion design. Not only is J Brand bringing men-inspired clothing to a women’s line, but it is also bringing an edgy look to women near you.

Part of the lineup includes leather jackets, blazers and tailored separates for your enjoyment. All of that clunky knitwear you have come to adore is going to be in fashion as well. Their jackets have an almost rectangular catch to them, instead of the uniform, close fitting clothing we are used to, but J Brand’s jeans and pants are exceptionally form fitting.

With all of these new designers, it is hard to choose which one is going to set off a hot trend or new mainstream fashion. We all know that these fashion designers are soaring, since it’s hard to get a fashion designer that accumulates rave reviews. However, all of these smaller fashion designers have their name out there and that’s the first step.