The Cat Smokey Eyes Makeup is ideal for those who want a look intriguing and seductive and wants to get the effect of the eyes upward. It is a make-up really popular on the red carpet, especially by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift or Lana Del Rey . The clean lines and little nuanced point to the classic pin-up look years 50 in a dress more rock, sexy and outrageous. Surely our eyes is the protagonist, but it is also important that your complexion has to be perfect. The smokey cat eyes is’ extremely easy, the ideal would be to make it a special evening. Arm yourself with patience and brushes and you’re done!

First, we apply on our entire eyelid base or a concealer to fix the eyeshadow and reduce discoloration, we fix the outer corner of a piece of scotch in order to be precise.


start to apply at the end of our eyelid eyeshadow darker shades of color that we chose to use (usually black), helping with a thin brush to create a precision “v” in our eyelid crease. We are very careful to achieve a gradient equal for both eyes.

On the remaining part of the eyelid going to apply the eyeshadow shades in between. If you have previously used the black, we might opt for a brown, gray or a bright color such as yellow for contrast. Our brush shades going to mix the two colors eye shadow to make the trick more harmonious.

Now we just have to apply a shade lighter as a light under the brow bone and the inner corner. Another important step is the mascara-apply maybe one stretching after your the curved lashes with an eyelash curler or opt for false lashes for a look even more intriguing!

If we adopt this look during the day, we can use black eyeliner. After you apply a flesh colored eyeshadow over the entire eyelid and the tape end, we create a line across the upper eyelashes rhyme starting from the inner corner. It is important that the eye-liner appears thin and within that thicken as we get closer outside of our eye. Now to make the outer tail make a dot on the forehead near the outer corner and join up with the latter, as a result we will make the tail thicker at our own pace still looking straight in front of the mirror to make the line in the same way.