The watch is probably the accessory most significant man and one that reflects the personality of the wearer. However, there are many kinds of watches : from sports to elegant from newspapers to those for a special occasion and even mechanical watches to quartz or electronic. then we see in this guide how to choose the right one for us.

First you should decide to use that you want to watch: If you are looking for an object to be put on the wrist and does not remove it then you choose a watch light, practical and sturdy, preferably with a strap made ​​of rubber or rubber and of course waterproof. If you search for a product for a unique opportunity, perhaps a marriage, then the choice falls on watches elegant, better if with refined dials and bracelets of precious metal or leather. Especially in this category are a guarantee of certain trademarks quality.It then the clock must be given, remember that they behave like scents: they are personal, so you opt for such a gift only if the recipient is well conscious. Since there are watches each price (ranging from a few to thousands of euro ), you should define what is the budget, this will surely help to make a fair selection. It is true that a watch does not have to be expensive to be beautiful.


At this point, however, opens a wide range of products, we see what to give priority. Given that the watch should keep time, priority is given to the movement: that the quartz is accurate and reliable, without going into detail of the operation, require little maintenance. the mechanical movement is less efficient and far less accurate, also requires a lot of attention and frequent maintenance in favor of this motion, however, that there is more beautiful and refined. the second priority is aesthetics : in this respect there is little to say because tastes are different and equally valuable.

You can keep in mind as a general guideline that a white dial can be boring, that the metal strap is an evergreen, that watches particularly large in diameter are not suitable for tutti. of consider are also materials that also affect not just on the price, a good object has the sapphire glass (anti-scratch); possibly the crown screw that secures a tight waterproof. finally, last but to keep in mind when choosing is the brand manufacturers produce some real works of art that make the watch an investment rather than an expense.