Although it seems a matter of little importance, know how to dress for a funeral is fundamental to feel needle in a situation that starting is not really pleasant or relaxing. Furthermore, it is also useful to make you feel at ease in their turn the other speakers, especially the relatives of the deceased, which no doubt are going through a very delicate moment . Here’s what is good to wear for this kind of event.

You may think that the etiquette or good manners are using long gone, but there are some occasions of public life within which it is important to follow the rules of good manners , which serve to simplify the way in which these opportunities can be overcome. An event mournful is always difficult to deal with, especially the funeral, as it forces those who have suffered a loss to deal with other people. Be properly dressed, then, is a way to feel good about those who are already stressed by the loss addressed. Of course, the style of dress should be simple: it is not necessary to wear clothes blacks because deep mourning belongs only to relatives, if they deem it appropriate.


For women, it will be a good idea to put a dress casual , not too dressy. A suit-cut classic, or with a skirt or pants, the dress will be more suitable for middle-aged ladies . A younger girl can also intervene at the funeral wearing a pair of jeans, but accompanied with a jacket or a mansion colors not too bright. For men, it is good to wear a suit and tie, or in this case, regardless of age, may be good a pair of jeans, always accompanied by his shirt and sweater or jacket and vest. In this case you have to opt for colors not too bright, preferably in shades of gray.

For children there are fewer restrictions, although in general it is good that there are no means at the funeral as they can create moments of embarrassment, if not properly educated. In church, women can wear the hat, but not men, but they can put it after the burial at the cemetery. Even the shoes that will be worn, both by men and women, it is good that they are not too showy, both in color and form. The same applies to accessories such as scarves, gloves, bags, belts: the password must always be moderation, modesty and sobriety, because the event requires composure, but not too much sadness, so that the relatives of the deceased warn the respect for their pain, but do not feel burdened with excessive anxiety.