Entering the world of New York fashion is not an easy task. But in the early 2000s, UGG ® Australia began to take the city by storm. UGG moved quickly a brand boots, slippers, clogs and sandals sheepskin of child boots for active lifestyle and outdoor brand symbolizing a lifestyle stylish, casual and luxurious . This was largely due to an effort to reposition the brand that transformed UGG footwear manufacturer high-end luxury.

As a fashion brand, UGG advertisements had the honors of the pages of Vogue, as well as other fashion magazines. In the mid-2000s, the craze for premium casual fashion has flourished throughout the world and UGG was perfectly in tune with the movement. Fueled by celebrities from across the country wearing UGG boots and slippers in their leisure time, an entirely new era of fashion began. Therefore, the desire and love for UGG increased as people wanted to go further in the relaxed UGG experience offered.


UGG began offering numerous color and style variations on his boots and slippers skin sheep. Boots for cold cuts and casual leather have been added to the collection with great success. Seen primarily as a niche item, UGG boots sheepskin became a must for any wardrobe. New UGG collections followed, showcasing a range of products, knit boots to sneakers to wedges, while maintaining the feeling of luxury for which UGG is known throughout the world. UGG products can now be seen on the slopes and in fashion shows from coast to coast. Shortly after, the love spread even further.

When the world of New York fashion distinguishes your brand around the world followed suit. The love for UGG extended to Europe in the mid-2000s in parallel with the craze for a relaxed style and a demand for premium casual fashion. UGG boots and shoes now trod the streets of London, Paris and Amsterdam regularly. To meet the growing demand from new fans, UGG opened flagship stores in the UK and one in Moscow. To follow the progress of the love for UGG East, concept stores were opened in Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo. UGG ® Australia is now an international brand loved by all. This love is the result of a magical combination of the amazing functional benefits of sheepskin and the feeling of acute pleasure you feel when you put on. In short, you have a sense of well-being when you wear UGG boots and shoes.

In 2011, UGG will return to its roots and focus on the active man of the origins of the brand with new lines that will make it UGG love more. In partnership with the Super Bowl champion and NFL MVP Tom Brady, UGG will invite even more people to experience this already shared by the rest of the world love. UGG will also be entering the world of high fashion with UGG boots man Collection. ‘s UGG Collection combines the timeless craftsmanship of the Italian shoe with practical magic of sheepskin, bringing the luxurious feel of UGG to top fashion. As the love for UGG continues to spread throughout the world, we continue to offer new and unexpected ways to experience the brand. The UGG journey continues and the love for UGG continues to spread.