Clothes, fashion shows, location precious , beautiful models : in short, your dream is to enter the fashion world but not as designers! What you are interested is not purely the creation and packaging of clothes but closely follow the events and describe them with passion to a specific target readership? Then continue with the reading to find out how to become an editor specializing in impeccable fashion .

Certainly important is to have a culture, so it is good to start with thinking in its preparation from a humanistic point of view, since the activity will be predominantly that of writing. If you are young graduates can therefore think to subscribe to University Faculty of Arts, Modern Languages ​​and Literature and Communication Sciences, thus improve your training, or even an art school or an Academy of Fine Arts, to acquire knowledge the history of costume and photography topics essential to be able to tell this job, if you do not feel ready for college career, you may subscribe to a simple writing course or training in editorial or artistic.


Of course, after the theory is practice, then you can begin to revel on your own by doing practical exercises to acquire the necessary dexterity, speed, editorial and grammatical and lexical functional to the optimum route of a text, maybe trying to review a parade you have seen recently on television or service reported on a women’s magazine purchased.

Now you lack the experience, which you can easily acquire proposing for a placement or an internship at a magazine or newspaper editors of fashion , by sending your CV by email to specific references indicated on the several corporate websites, specifying your intention to start a training Likewise you can propose to help paid considering the various offerings which might be proposed by the same publishing company. The path will certainly be long and perhaps you will face some obstacles, such as non-response or waste, but not never miss mood and persevere with the practice of journalism: the constancy reach your goal.