Treating our look is something very beautiful and exciting that allows us not only to be the most beautiful and seductive, but also to buy more security in ourselves. If we are men such it will be crucial not only to wear beautiful clothes and stylish , but also enhance our face and our body. In this guide we will see it: “Day look for men : advice “.

look for men

First, it will be important perfectly well using a razor blade cutting edge and a shaving cream that does not irritate our skin. Then carefully wash our teeth and finally, we wash thoroughly our face under lukewarm water tap with a little detergent soap. If we expect a day of work, we will have to dress in formal attire. We begin with the wear a nice shirt and especially combined with a tie a bit ‘eccentric. Over the shirt, we can wear a sweater or a jacket elegant. As for the pants, the suggestion is to wear a pair of trousers of the same color of our jacket. If we want to be more comfortable, we can wear a pair of jeans elegant.

We wear a leather belt of black or brown, and finally, we wear the shoes of black or brown leather. As for the shoes, we can choose whether to wear the shoes or boots very low. Finally, we spray all over your body without exaggerating a little of our favorite perfume. If we go and see our friends or go out to shop, we can take a look informal. We can choose whether to wear a shirt or a t-shirt particular . Above the t-shirt, we can wear a sweatshirt very comfortable , or a sweater with v-neck. As for the pants, we can use both the classic jeans, both pants of one of our suit .

If we use the sweatpants, choose a pair of pants that fit perfectly to the t shirt or shirt that we have chosen to wear. We then a pair of sneakers beautiful and comfortable, solid or bright colors. If it is a particularly cold day , we can wear a jacket, gloves and a scarf beautiful and special . Finally, we spray on the body a little of our favorite perfume, which enhances us and makes us much more sensual and attractive.