The first contact you have with a casting director will via your application. This is why it is crucial to treat your responses to ads casting. To help you, Become Artist book you 5 tips to respond well to a casting.

1. Sure you fit the profile. Avoid wasting valuable time recruiters. Before applying for an audition, make sure that your profile matches perfectly with what research the casting director. You can not imagine the number of people applying to castings when they have nothing to do with the proposed role!

2. Surrender Do not. You might find tempting to inflate your CV to catch the eye of recruiters. Do not do anything! You may well find yourself annoyed if someone asks you to justify your so talented dancer acrobatic rock. In addition, the arts is relatively small, the mouth is easy, that misstep is likely to follow you a long time!


3. Treat your spelling. As we have seen, the first impression you make on the interviewer is crucial. This is why you should care how you express yourself. Banish testing and if necessary, ask someone to read to avoid mistake.

4. Adopt a professional tone. How you would talk to a human resources manager? Adopt the same attitude with a casting director! Do not hesitate to use politeness formulas and adopt a style supported when you write. The recruiter can then judge your professionalism.

5. Treat the photos you send with your application. You can choose professional photos or pictures amateur, provided that the quality is good. Even if it is not specified, always send at least one picture and a picture of the ground floor. Make sure that your photos are not too large, you may crash the mailbox of your contacts.

The first impression is crucial, and the 5 tips above, you are left to determine how to best manage! Now it is up to you and put these tips into practice.