You do not need that sex is common, but should be interesting. fantasies I often involving the masters of yoga!

Flora Cheung is our new cover model. Born in Hong Kong, has lived in Australia for a few years and then recover in Hong Kong, where he lives and works as a model full-time. A model professional who divides his time between photo shoots, television studios has just completed a TV show cooking, one particular presented recipes like Mom did it naked, wearing only an apron. Transparent plastic. And on the big screen. You can see in the “3D Sex and Zen” and other films, not only in Hong Kong. Search Google or Youtube.

Working with Flora was a pleasure, I still remember the time when we met for the first time in a restaurant in the center of Hong Kong. She, in suit, was going to Yoga class, his great passion (along with the instructors of yoga, it seems). Flora is a free spirit, creative and enterprising, and his contribution during the photo you see here next was decisive.


Flora Cheung



Where are you from?
Hong Kong

How long have you as a model, how did you start?
I do modeling for 6 years, I found my first job on the internet, a service of artistic nude.

Your ambitions, personal and professional
My personal goal is to be an artist. Travel the world, discover different cultures, to appreciate different styles, keep learning. My professional ambition is to become famous! Maybe could have happened opportunity in a project in Hollywood!

Your hobbies?
I have so many! I go to the gym, do yoga, and scuba diving. I play the piano, sometimes I take dance classes, including pole dance, Chinese dance, burlesque dance.

Your favorite music?

JS Bach was the first one I fell in love with when I started to play the piano. I like the Gothic music, new age, ambient, all the good music. Gangnam style!

The best compliment you’ve ever received stupid

I often get strange emails from people who write to me. I dream to have sex with you, I usually reply “I’m glad you like my picture!

What do you like most about your body?
my skin, and my hair

Flats or heels?
Flats. The heels are just for photo shoots, and special occasions.

Lingerie sexy cotton or lace?
Lingerie cotton. The lace lingerie is for photo shoots.

How important is sex in your life?
There is no need that sex is common, but should be interesting. I often have fantasies involving the masters of yoga!