In this practical guide to style, I will explain how to correctly match a sweater with a shirt. The right combinations, in fact, mean that the look is always perfect and flawless, without having to give up but with a personal touch and original. Fashion is constantly evolving but remember that elegance and taste never set.

Opportunity for formal daily but for example, the classic work day, choose a simple look but do not neglect the details. Opts for a shirt in a natural fabric, such as cotton or linen , suitable to resist to the skin for many hours and it transpire. The sweater that I suggest is open, it can be easily removed according to the temperature of the office. The shirt will look good in a fantasy classic as small squares in shades of blue and camel or in the more sober of the lines, in any key. The cardigan instead be chosen plain, incorporating the colors of the shirt below.


For leisure, the matching sweater and shirt will surely be less formal. If you love the sporty look , choose a nice shirt in light jeans, worn with the top three buttons undone center of the fastening, combined with a camel-colored cardigan or blue , made ​​particularly applied details like elbow patches in contrasting fabric. If you have more classical tastes, put a striped shirt with a beautiful tailoring, turn to a plain sweater open, with cut jacket (see photo) and the rather heavy wool to create a beautiful contrast of colors and shapes with the lines of the shirt.

In general, remember that a good sweater and shirt combination also depends on the correct proportions. If the shirt has a wide neck and is made ​​of heavy fabric, the sweater will be quite suitable necked and strong consistency. If the shirt is more casual and modern cuts, as for example, the Korean, the sweater is the perfect light cardigan to be worn open or connected only with the last button. Shirts patterned sweaters are matched only solid. Finally, if you wear the timeless white shirt, not sadden your look with sweaters in plain blue or blacks, but make us grow today with a waistcoat in fine wool like cashmere for an important occasion, or with a soft cardigan cut sweatshirt outputs for your free time.