Being fashionable means more than just knowing what to wear each day, now it is important to know the trends and naming each garment has its own name.

For some time to wear a jacket and pants went out of style. Now the latter is put together a “blazer” with some “shorts” that although in theory the same thing in practice is to make the difference between being fashionable or not. The fashion world has created a language of its own that is increasingly more rooted in the everyday life of anyone buying clothing, which encompasses the entire population. The magazines themselves with this terminology adapted to all ages and normalizing words that for years no one knew.

Practical Dictionary of Fashion

Trends have been renamed must in short means “more” and in them we find models that take years although stores have been renamed. Few people today would find a word equivalent to look which is ultimately what determines a person’s style. This has happened to many Anglicisms adopted long before fashion “British” hit stores. Sets that any buyer would have in her closet are now called “outfits” and women who claim to wear the best outfits have been called “it-girls”. Even the classic of classics, the briefcase has succumbed to the glamor of this new language and is now presented as “clutch”, a word that was not long ago that those who listened to receive a unique expression of amazement.


The language of fashion Street jumps

This new language is not unique specialized fashion magazines. In fact numerous publications such varied uses these terms in all editions. But not all journals and other sectors that have nothing to do with this world have also adopted some of these concepts. This is the case for example of the “outlet”, the term which originally represented the season past models used in all kinds of shops and has come to mean, in popular parlance, cheap. Another word closely related to this concept and that has a major role, especially in the airlines is the low cost, low price, another anglicized with deep roots in the popular vocabulary.

Latest additions to the dictionary of fashion

Each season, the rich vocabulary for different types of costume changes according to the styles that are carried. Some of the latest additions that constitutes a “must” is the “LBD”. Few people would be able to recognize these letters in a simple black dress and short common is that this is ultimately the translation of those letters “Little Black Dress”. But undoubtedly the star of the season is a new concept, the “DIY” or “Do It Yourself “DIY is that in the world of fashion anything goes. Mix garments, cut skirts and new exclusive models that anyone can find in a store, because the designer is the actual buyer.

Words trendsetters

The trend, therefore, is more than clothing. It is a concept in itself, a world that welcomes designers, models, media and buyers, and as such has its own language that make no sense outside its limits.Shopping now is to go shopping and even has a different name makeup. The style “nude”, whose translation would be naked, a trendsetter in the styles of many women, both in their clothes and in their eye shadow or lipstick. In short, to be fashionable is necessary to understand fashion and need to get a crash course in this new dictionary that marks the foundation of what is in and what is not.