If you want to be at the top this summer sporting a super-trendy look, then choose patterned camouflage!

Ever heard of camouflage ? This is the camouflage military, that characterized by the irregular blotches in shades of dark green. Here, the camouflage is the fantasy season’s must then an item of clothing featuring this print is absolutely the piece that you must have in your closet! They were once widespread the cargo pants , and those with large pockets, very masculine. Then came the time of the long jackets and shorts summer clothes . The women’s fashion has made ​​all these garments much more intriguing, fashion and of course modern. Have you ever thought of combining a military trousers to beautiful neckline with a stiletto heel? Try it and you’ll be perfect!

The pants with camouflage texture have been proposed in several versions and models. There is always soft and comfortable model, characterized by low crotch, very close to the Turkish style. Obviously there are pants skinny , the jeggings and of course leggings, the latter absolutely be worn in conjunction with a mesh a little ‘longish.

The jackets , as I mentioned, were quite long, but if you choose a style “men” then play with the other pieces and matching shorts with heels. Beautiful jackets in biker style , but much more feminine charm decided.


There are even the dresses camouflage, both long and short. Similarly was also conducted extensive collection of skirts, of course by different brands. One of the top models in the collection Tezenis 2013 is just the long skirt camouflage-style gypsy. And speaking of Tezenis, and many other brand offering collections of swimwear trend , we mark the bikini with military press and laces in contrasting neon yellow, to be trendy even to the sea! Girls, the camouflage is absolutely trendy and clothing with camouflage print military are absolutely the must-have. Do not let them get to escape!