Friends and lovers of mineral makeup this guide is for you! Today I’ll talk about a very valuable type of product and the method of application. Many of you surely know the mineral makeup and its benefits for the skin. One trick sought for those who want to get something different from the classic “makeup”, which is most natural and least invasive and aggressive in the face , but also easier to spread. Of course there are different fluid foundations that are healthy and not harmful to our skin, but mineral makeup will always have an edge in this field.

Henceforth different brands produce this cosmetic and hardly you happen to not find any. From cheap shops in a shopping bit ‘more expensive and you can find assorted mineral foundation best suited to you and your flesh, with the help of experienced staff that will guide you in choosing your colors. Let us now explain how many ways there are to apply and how to apply mineral foundation.


First you need to know that different brands selling the product already has a special sponge . There will be nothing but pass it directly on the face and reapply several times as much as you prefer to be opaque. personally do not recommend this type of application because the sponges are often poor and small, so you will need more time and above all go to waste enough product. Almost all foundation minerals have a special dispenser with several little holes precisely to avoid wastage of powder. I’ll give you two suggestions on how to write and apply the product.

In the first case you need a simple sponge, preferably large. Pour a little of the product directly into the container cap, the sponge contaminated with the product and start tapping on the face, repeating this procedure several times until the desired degree of coverage.

The second method is the easiest, you’ll need a brush called kabuki, specifically for the application of powder foundation. Pour, as in the previous step, a little product on the cork out and share in the brush in a circular motion until the dust will be trapped between the bristles all. At this point you begin to apply on your face, always with a circular motion and long enough. Do not be hasty, and if necessary repeat the operation several times until desired coverage.