The Christmas 2011 is upon us and along with the usual dilemma of what to give to friends and family and how to pass the most important days of celebration, every fashion victim worth his salt knows that there is a question which we can not escape: what to wear during the Christmas holidays? Of course, depending on the environment in which you celebrate there is a different type of clothing, elegant but not too much at Christmas and more chic to New Year’s Eve. And if this year you have been seduced by the red? Of course red is the color key to these parties and is impossible not to be seduced, moreover, is also a color that is fashionable and shops you’ve got to admire leaders really beautiful. But how to match the red to be perfect at Christmas? Find out with me.

First of all, it seems already clear that you must not dressed in red from head to toe. You do not want your relatives will exchange for the secret wife of Santa Claus ! So if you want to be beautiful like the beautiful Isabeli Fontana wrapped in her dress flutter Mango considered that to be beautiful and dressed in red, do not forget that with a color so it is better to be minimal : then choose one strand in red, you will see that it will be enough!


Combine the red to be perfect at Christmas: the clothes

Of course, the best way to wear red at Christmas would be choosing a bell ‘ dress red. Obviously red is not as black, certainly not lose weight, but less evidence that defects in the physical so you have to find a red dress that way is really well and with whom you feel comfortable: the red, in fact, does everything except! Will be fundamental pairing: prohibited coordinate shoes or bags of the same color, you will be too noisy for anything elegant. Go ahead, however, the bare accessories that enhance even more the red or brown chocolate, avoid, but for the evening as the brown is not an ideal color for evening events. To avoid the co-ordination with the white, also in this case “the effect Santa Claus” is lurking. Where to buy your red dress? In addition to the brands, such as Red Valentino , check out the aforementioned Mango and Zara , you see that you will find Carine proposals in cheap prices.

Combine the red to be perfect at Christmas: the bags

If the red dresses are gorgeous, of course they are not less accessories in this color. They are usually very minimal in choosing colors, but I have to admit that a beautiful red handbag enhances any outfit and is now evening. If you have seen around the shops of the clutch red would be perfect for Christmas then go ahead as long as the initiate the right way. Avoid co-ordinate bags and shoes and match your red clutch with a black dress that will be exploited to the maximum. As for the shoes you can match them to the color of your dress, or why not focus on leather or nude.

Combine the red to be perfect at Christmas: the shoes

If the clutch and the clutch are beautiful red, red shoes are really divine and, since hardly in the life of every day wear shoes colors so bright, wear a pair of heeled red make your look really special and unique. The advice that I gave you for the bags is the same for the shoes, and even in this case there are many brands that offer shoes of this color. In addition to the designer shoes more famous as Giuseppe Zanotti and Jimmy Choo, there are many offers low cost. The models that I have proposed in the photo above.