Remember their adolescence is always a journey into the past, especially when you think of the clothes that you wore in those years. As for the other decades, the 80s are characterized by a specific fashion trend. The style of clothing, especially for teenagers, was strongly influenced by many of the stars of punk rock and trends of Hollywood . Read the article to know what are the clothes that have characterized this decade!


1. Skirts and tops. Of course you can not miss the mini-skirt, garment cult for all the teenagers in the ’80s. The fabric of the era was undoubtedly the denim, but also the skin, lace and many other tissues have found a place in the fashion of those years. Other clothing that could not miss in the closet of a teenager were the shirts, shirts and vests, of cotton or of shiny fabrics.

2. Clothing . The girls in the 80s were amused to flaunt different styles and “savages”, particularly at night, for which the preferred fabrics and bright colors very bright. Very popular were also the cliffs, necklines and very short skirts. Teenage girls often used very tight stretch pants (like leggings) with a blouse. The development of an eccentric fashion as was favored by the disappearance of a strict dress code to be followed to school. Many teenagers in those years were imitating their favorite celebrities, including certainly the late Princess Diana, who spread the use of silk.


3. Pants . The jeans were worn for most occasions throughout the decade. The cowboy-style jeans made ​​their appearance in recent years and dominated them, helped in spreading the low cost that you could find. Very often, the girls wore stockings very colorful with large patches in contrasting colors.

4. Accessories and footwear . The hair accessories are very popular in the 80s, the most popular were the tapes and bows, also very large. The earrings were very large and colorful. Tennis shoes were fashionable, like the rest of the accessories, even if these were preferred colors very bright. The style of those years was much influenced by the movie “Flash Dance”, designed just for affect teenagers of the time.

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