As you know, at this time it is very fashionable for mothers and daughters to dress together. That is why many brands are lately offering collections that include proposals so that moms. Kids can be dressed almost the same. One of them is Prim ark, which offers many interesting designs. The best thing of all clothing that takes into account the trends of the season. Would you like to discover more details about the duet mother and daughter of the signature low cost par excellence?

Maternity clothes

Current Trends

As we have just mentioned, when it comes to creating duets for mother and daughter Primark has taken into account the trends of the moment. So, for example, we offer pale stripes cotton poplin fabrics in a pure white and cold shades of blue. In addition, there are plenty designs with embroidery they are also very fashionable this season not to mention stylish handmade flowers this year we are invading everything: shoes, purses, jackets, jeans.

White and pink

Of course, this summer the firm also bets on the white, although it does not leave aside the pink, a color that enchants to the smaller of the house and that, in addition, is very fashionable this season.

Complementary cuts and colors

Finally, we want to comment that it is not necessary for your daughter and you to wear identical sets. In fact, as explained by the brand, it is a good idea to choose complementary cuts and colors instead of going the same. Then we leave you with our gallery where you will find all the images that Primark has prepared to present us this interesting collection for spring-summer 2017.