At Fashion Week, there is room for everyone. In addition to the emerging and consolidated designers who will participate in this business platform of the fashion system. The Universities allied to the BFW held a call for students from the main fashion schools of the capital. Because of the selection process, new talents will present their proposals at the New Talents Gateway.

future of fashion

Design as a fundamental element in reducing environmental impact through innovation and technology, is the central theme of this gateway that opens a space to the new generations of fashion in Colombia.

Following the call, 30 proposals from College the National Learning Service Taller, National Unified Corporation (CUN) the School of Arts letters the University Foundation of the Andean. Area, only 10 were chosen to represent their institutions exhibit their collections and participate for one of the three awards that will be delivered under the BFW.

The curator team was composed of a large group of representatives from the participating universities. As well as Anna Sabater, a professor at the European Institute of Design (IED), who, in addition to evaluating and selecting the proposals, accompanied and supported new talents in Production process of their collections?

As the only national talent within the BFW guest group, Nina Garcia will be responsible for presenting and delivering the American Express Award to the best emerging designer. This, writer and fashion director of the magazine Marie Claire, has been consecrated as an authority on the subject which led her to participate as a jury in seven seasons of the reality Project Runway. Author of four books on fashion and style having a bestseller by the New York Times in 2007 her commitment as a fashion writer is to be the inspiration to transform the lifestyle of thousands of women around the world.