A failure to hold the secret of the elixir of eternal youth or the exact location of the fountain of youth, discover the proper procedures to maintain a fresh, younger, longer!

Clean and remove makeup your face daily

Every morning, start by removing it with a tonic or a mi cellar water all small impurities that dull the complexion: a simple and effective way to prepare the skin to receive serum and day cream. In contrast, in the evening, perform a cleansing in the rules of art (with milk if your skin is dry and a foaming gel if it is fat), followed by a tonic to eliminate the last remnants of make-up . Thus, your skin will be perfectly “crassness” pollutants and your anti-wrinkle cream will even more effectively.

Eat properly

Preserving its youthfulness nibbling? If not necessarily a preposterous idea, if you know how to choose foods haddock! On the menu: five fruits and vegetables per day, of course, but also opts for products rich in anti-oxidants (raspberries, tea green, apricots, cherries, artichokes, beets, cabbage, avocado, tomatoes etc) and omega 3 (salmon, olive oil and nuts, tuna, spinach etc). Result is a younger looking skin and a diet also significantly more balanced!


Effectively protect you from the sun

Number 1 enemy of the skin: the Sun God. And because its UVA and UVB rays, penetrating the skin, causing damage to the inside of cells, damaging the fibers collagen and elastic resulting in a phenomenon of Photo aging (aging premature to skin). To cope with his troubles, grab a sunscreen for your skin type ( SPF 50 for clear skin , 30 brunettes to dull skin and 20 for black skins), re-apply the product every two hours and avoid exposure between 12 and 16h.

Moisturize your skin copiously

First step to be taken to the maximum delay the appearance of the first wrinkles : hydration at high doses. Choose according to your skin type of course (for nourishing dry skin , gratifying for most combination to oily) and consider using a care complementary to the danger zone of the eye contour. Thinner and therefore more fragile, the skin is particularly vulnerable and it is often there first show delivery are dehydration lines. Choose a fluid formula and apply morning and evening, well above the level of the eyebrow and then following the orbit of the eye.

Drink enough

One liter of water per day, no less! A simple, practical and economical to forget dyed gray and wrinkled skin prematurely and display a fresh and fleshy skin all year round.