Alternative to the classic black, white eye pencil has many uses, but sometimes buy it and do not know what to do. Learn to use will allow you to change a style of make up for mediocre one sensational. Used with a look completely white or full color, the success will be assured! Learn how to properly use the white pencil and boast a look sexy and intense.

When you choose the white pencil to outline the eyes, you have to take into account the color of your skin to very dark skin is a good cream and beige, and white gives a more light pink or pure white. In fact, in reality, when it comes to white pencil, it refers to a whole range of tones to choose from pink clear, through the cream, very light beige to white absolute, the most difficult to apply.

To obtain a neon effect, just draw lines with white pencil on the eyelid blending it with a brush or with your fingers and then proceed to trick you want. On the white, the colors of eye shadow stand out considerably. L ‘eyeliner should be creamy and good quality to get a perfect result, and it is a product that rarely is economic: the best Mac Eye Kohl in tone Fascinating or those of L’Bel Paris . If the outline with white pencil just above the liquid outlined, you get a more intense effect, but if you want to opt for a retro look, draw a white line above and below the corner of my eye because the trick is more verbose.


Depending on the eye area in which you use it, the white pencil produces a different effect: apply on the lower lid optically enlarges the eyes, especially when combined with other colors in the evening, or without eye shadow for a natural day. Used on the upper eyelid, it generates the same effect: the eyes are seen as the biggest outlining outside as inside. on the tear duct, the white pencil gives brightness and eliminates traces of fatigue on the face, making it ideal when your face looks a bit off after nights out.

The white pencil is a great ally for the mouth stand out: should not be applied around the lips (this is preferable to a light concealer), rather than in the wake seasonality the midpoint of the upper lip blurring the lines. If outlining the lips to complete, have then care of feather it so that the thin line is not visible: used properly, the white pencil makes the mouth particularly sexy. A professional make-up for the optical illusion of a thinner nose is to apply white pencil in the side areas before applying your foundation: remove the shadow that they create, giving the impression of a nose narrower and less important. Finally, applied to the nasal septum in the middle and then blended with the fingertips to the side areas, the white pencil sharpens the nasal septum. Then cover with concealer dark where does the white pencil and voila!