Accessories like jewelry are a fundamental part of our look, because complete and match the clothes and illuminate our flesh. Not always however, gives equal attention to combinations that are made ​​and many women prefer to always wear the same type of jewelry. In fact, the secret to bring out our femininity is to choose the right combination between clothes and jewelery. If you want to be fashionable and want to know that jewelry worn in any occasion, read this guide. Happy reading!

The jewelry we wear, regardless of the type of look we have adopted, are a real business card and we complement each other perfectly. The jewelry right can, in fact, be the winning weapons to exploit the strengths of our look and hide our flaws. The rule of thumb is always that of combination of colors, especially if you’re wearing jewelry made ​​of colored stones. If we decide to wear a neutral color (beige, white or black) then we can use very colorful jewels that give a touch of liveliness to our appearance and we can also match with makeup.


Surely there are some combinations to avoid. For example, the necklaces are never too big courtyard and purchased put too close to the neck. If you wear the shirts you need to choose a jewel long enough. If you’re in a bit overweight then avoid using too much jewelry or large stones. The jewelry, in addition, must also be matched to one another. For example, we can not use silver and gold together, unless it is not white gold. Finally, if you are wearing sharp jewelry attentive to delicate fabrics or wool, because the jewelry may get hooked and ruin your clothes.

We also need to choose the jewelry suitable for every occasion. At work we have a very formal and so you have to wear jewelry inconspicuous, bracelets and rings could be annoying and may hinder or slow down your work. We must not, however, exaggerate even on occasions of celebration at the risk of being ridiculous, if we use very complicated and colorful clothes, better opt for the only points of light like jewels, and nothing more .

How to behave with necklines ? If you wear a v-neck so you can wear a necklace or a very short necklace that remains on the skin, but if you wear a turtleneck, then go for very long necklaces that can be rotated around the neck several times. If the package is used discovered the long earrings, they serve to make the neck more beautiful.