Surely it will happen to many of us, at least once, to buy the shoes and then make us realize that they are too tight, or because they were purchased online, and then you had the chance to try them, or because we liked it so much that we bought the smallest size remained, with the illusion that we were all right or that with time, bringing them, they would have adapted to our feet. But what if it did not happen? We can go to the shoemaker, who will use the right tools , such as spray Madagascar or shape, but there are three other ways to expand the shoes in a home before resorting to a professional.


The first remedy is to use the phone . Through the heat, a failure may occur in the skin. We can also wear the shoes with the socks and then heat with a hair dryer the part that we want to give up. We have to repeat this process until they do not cannonball perfectly. Then it is important to spend polished, to prevent the material from drying out and then becomes opaque. This process is effective for more yield able materials.

We can also try to use sheets of newspaper. We have to roll them, wet them with cold water, or alcohol and put them inside the shoes, in the part that interests us. The first means that there are no risks of stains, instead alcohol could be more effective, therefore act more quickly, but it could also stain them. It is necessary to act together for a few hours or even for the whole night. This remedy is not recommended for the chamois, because of stains that may occur.

The last method is that of ice . We fill the freezer bags , the kind that are used to freeze food, and insertions shoes. We put the shoes to freeze for some time, then we remove the shoes from the freezer and let’s leave them thaw until there will not be possible to remove the bags. In the case in which the freezer releases of the frost, we put the shoes in an envelope, to prevent spoiling. The ice expands, it leads to an enlargement of the shoes. This method is very useful for the less yield able material, such as canvas, but not for the chamois. Then you have to air dry the shoes, away from direct heat sources.