First Communion is received about seven years, and is the time when a child approaches for the first time the rite of the Eucharist of the Catholic Church. Tradition requires that the clothes worn are white , but as for the boys just a simple suit jacket pants for girls you need to get a dress a little more elaborate. Obviously if you are on the market, but usually do not turn out to be cheap clothes. Let’s see how to make yourself a dress First Communion.

First, you must starting from the choice of the fabric. The various options available to you are: you can choose a fabric with Eyelet lace or satin, edged or taffeta. If you want to keep it simple (perhaps to reuse the dress on future occasions), oriented fabrics of cotton, ribbed, pique or honeycomb.


Once the choice of fabric must take steps that will help you make the cut. You need to know: the waist circumference and chest, waist length (front and rear), the sleeve length, skirt length, and the width shoulders. Now you need to get a model to bring the measures that you have just made. A simple Internet search will provide you various kinds. Just remember that a model must be divided into: sleeve model, model half front, half skirt, model, and model behind.

The next step is to cut the pattern. Leave a margin of about 1 cm from the line of around arm of life, armholes, necklines and the center of the back, leaving a 5-inches from the hem line. For all other cuts, leaving a margin of 3 cm. Now switch to baste the pieces “central front” with the “front fairing”, the “fairing behind” with the “center behind” and finally the “front fairing” with “fairing behind.” At last join the waist of the skirt with the waist of the body.

Switch now to close the sleeves and the bodice baste (armholes and around arm must have the same amplitude). Once this is done, baste even the hem of sleeve and skirt. Once you have finished the various rippers, recheck again the various measures to avoid disasters. Once everything is in order, go to the sewing machine . As regards the hinge instead, it is better if the sewing by hand with small dots.