The men’s shoes in a ceremony play a key role and that’s why we have to spend some time to choose the ones that are right for us and that are functional to the occasion. Important immediately give preference to those that are most beneficial to match clothes we’re going to wear , to ensure that our clothing is perfectly in harmony in the various parts that compose it.

Let’s start off by saying that man can not be separated from the ceremonial for its footwear black, known symbol of elegance. Chose the color then goes to the fastening, according to some protocols of elegance the choice should fall on a shoe lace, but you can also use a shoe with buckles, provided it is simple and flashy logos . Another alternative is the moccasin with no strings that represents a less formal, however, retains a touch of elegance and style.


The upper (upper part of the shoe that goes to bandage the foot) must be leather, smooth and opaque, with no writing or special reasons they ruin the classic forms sought specifically for the event. The heel should be at least 2 cm to emphasize the elegant lines of the shoe that we wear, while the sole best for the occasion is that of leather , loved for its sophistication unlike those made ​​of rubber, not suitable for the ceremonies being more casual and sports. Just be careful to smooth surfaces, because with shoes leather new if you are not careful the risk of slipping is always lurking!

Protocols for a ceremonial, however, should not be followed to the letter, it is important that the shoe of choice is the one that represents our personality and our way of keeping in mind the particular context in which the event takes place, for example if we outdoors can give us some freedom of shapes and modern lines for our shoe while indoors is always good to stick to a classic style wearing a shoe as smooth and simple as possible also remember that in the celebrations it is customary to browse photos that we have done for example on the occasion of a wedding, and we do not run the risk of choosing a wrong shoe worries us every occasion in which we are going to revise our snapshots, also for this reason choose it with care!