Women who love jewelry, wish to own many different shapes and colors, so you can match their clothing. Among the jewelry, earrings are definitely the most popular, because they are able to make a sophisticated look, being able to give him refined, giving a touch of originality and clothing of the wearer, when combined with another accessory, such a scarf or a pair of shoes. Produce with his own hands a pair of earrings, gives the possibility to create a jewelry that possesses all the features you want. The material that, more than any other, lends itself to make the jewelry, it’s fimo, because it is easy to work with and can be purchased in a variety of colors. If you wish to create earrings small, but we want to be elegant and refined, we can make the earrings in fimo rose-shaped.

For the realization of earrings, should use the Fimo soft , because it is easily shaped and thermosetting polymer clay that does not dry out the air, and this can be worked slowly, enabling even the less experienced , to try in the realization of small objects. To begin work, we choose the color of fimo, for example, we can use the pink if we are romantic and delicate earrings, or black, but if we want the earrings are more sophisticated and original. So we can safely start by creating the center of the rose . To do this, need be removed from the dough fimo a small amount and begin to knead with the fingers up to create a ball. Then you should crush it and turn it into a thin wheel, similar to a small coin, which we will then roll up on itself.


After creating the central part of the roses, you need to make the petals, using other small pieces of dough fimo. They must be machined up to create the balls, which will subsequently be crushed, and which will then be given the form of a drop . And necessary to proceed creating the petals gradually larger, which must be joined together, one by one, around the central part of the rose which had previously realized, until our flower has not reached the desired size. E must remember to open the petals well, so as to create between them a certain distance, which gives the image of a rose already blossomed. When all the petals will be now been added, using a cutter, it is necessary to cut from the back of the rose excess dough fimo, so as to create a flat base.

Repeat therefore the procedure for realizing the second pink. Once this is done, you need to cook in an oven roses unventilated about 110 degrees for about 15 minutes. It ‘should be put in fimo roses on a baking sheet lined of baking paper, and be very careful that you do not burn. After cooking, the polymer clay can not be modeled and will take on a dull appearance. And ‘possible, however, polish, brushing with a special varnish. After finishing the polishing of roses to complete the construction of our earrings, you will need to attack the pins polymer clay roses with bezel fitted with butterfly. We can accomplish this, making use of a glue strong hold. Taking great care not to soil the roses, distribute a small drop of glue on the back and we put it on the pins with bezel. Then, after leaving the glue dry, our earrings are ready to be used.