The pregnant woman immediately takes on a beauty that distinguishes it from all others. The eyes are brighter, your skin glows, your breasts become fuller and firmer. But even if the body turns, the forms change, you can then always be stylish and fashionable. We then see below are some tips on how to always be amazing with the baby bump!

In the first trimester of pregnancy the body undergoes noticeable changes. For this reason it is possible to continue to wear our common clothing , maybe taking a few small tricks to feel more at ease in ordinary clothes . Let’s start with the first example : in the event that we are accustomed to wear a skirt, and for obvious reasons this is beginning to be tight at the waist, in this case we can use a brooch safety pin placed directly on the button. By adopting this system we are able to recover a few inches very valuable. Of course, the pin should not be kept in view, this is sufficient to hold the shirt out of her skirt, or wear T-shirts a little longer than those we use regularly.


In the second quarter of the changes, although still not too obvious you begin to point out. But nonetheless you can still wear normal clothes without necessarily resorting to those maternity. The choice can be addressed on dresses made ​​of stretch fabric which therefore allows a wider fit. In our case, the choice falls in a stylish cut pants, make sure to orient models with soft lines, carefully avoiding those members. As for the colors, at this time of pregnancy, there is no particular embodiments, what matters is to be careful to match the different colors or patterns between them.

We thus arrive at the third and last trimester of pregnancy. During this period, our body undergoes a real change. These three months are those in which it is appropriate to think of buying appropriate clothes that give us the ability to move with ease without suffering any kind of restriction. In the market, we can find a wide range of clothes for all tastes and for all your needs. In pregnancy, however, is not just the clothes have to be in a somewhat revised and corrected, but also the shoes and matching accessories. As for the shoes, more suitable models are certainly those with low heel , and especially made ​​of genuine leather or cotton. Both of these materials give the possibility to the foot to breathe at the same time adapt well to changes in case of swelling .