Whether you’re model, model or simply passionate about fashion, this glossary is for you. The fashion world uses many English expressions, and it is not always easy to navigate. Here is a short glossary of modeling for fluent fashion.

Backstage: Behind the scenes of a fashion show

Book (or press book) are presented the most representative labor skills or the career of a model. The book is presented by the agency to a prospective client so that he can indulge in a selection to Booker (engage) the dummy.

Booker: he works in an office and is responsible for managing the career of a model (promotion, appointments, customer relations, etc.).

Brief or Brief: instructions that give the Agency the client for an audition and show the desired profile model.

The cast: it allows you to select the models that correspond to a line or a description previously established. A cast is usually organized in two stages: a first selection is made ​​after consultation with the book, the second requires the physical presence of dummies (to see in three dimensions and to judge their pace) under the control of customers themselves or a casting director.


Chart: Individual sheet model to the Agency. Updated by the Booker, she can manage the schedule of each model.

Composite is somehow the little brother of book. On a sheet size 21 × 15 are presented on the face of the model and some photographs on the back its measurements, references and contact information for the agency.

Fitting: it is simply a fitting that allows the designer to see the clothing worn and so modify or adjust.

First face: mannequin parade opening of a brand.

Go and See or GS: operation refers to the visit to the Agency a photographer or casting director to meet models.

Head-sheet: post edited by an agency representing models in its small size.

People: Department an agency specializing in the physical “go anywhere” or otherwise in very specific physical.

Runway: the podium. Royalties (or buy out) that receives the character model during each passage of an advertisement on the air.

Showroom: Private room and not open to the public (reserved for the press and buyers referenced by the house) held by the creator or the loan company has to present his creations wear when outside collections.

Tear sheet: these are photographs of a mannequin in the press. Including them in his book, the model can demonstrate their experience and skills.

Test: photo shoot supported by the Agency for the creation of the book and a composite model newly booked.

Test – boarder: one that supports new models and manages tests.

Up and Call: day of receiving beginner models to the Agency.

Voucher: worksheet that shows the official photographer or model to the client at the end of each session.