They have a couple of bacon rolls have originally also a little tummy? With the right styling, you can your problem area and conceal must not do without the latest trends. generally applies: Short or even midriff tops and tight tops are extremely taboo. They bring the bacon unfortunately merciless advantage and are completely unflattering. The same goes for clothes : Skinny models should simply avoid. Ideal are clothes that are starting in the chest downwards on. Also dresses in A-shape mask the abdomen perfectly. Do not wear long skirts and dresses, if you have slim legs but belly – then you act as if you are stout overall. If you like to wear skirts, they should sit rather close. Combine the skirt then a little further blouse or a fitted jacket. Especially pencil skirts are very well suited to hide a little belly.

Belly-off styling with pants

A no-go are also jeans in “low waist” fit. Here is the belly hanging over his pants literally and therefore acts thicker than it actually is. Better high-cut models, the quasi holding my what it conceals great and flattering silhouette. A narrow cut pants is better for women with tummy, so you can distract from the belly with your legs. Tip: combined with high heels, the legs look longer.


Underwear and swimwear with tummy-away effect

also with the right underwear you can cheat: Accentuate your chest and your cleavage also distracts from the belly. For it is intrinsically bras. These models to push and provide a stunning neckline. Say: In your stream then look no more! The pants are high-waist models announced. And even if they are not particularly sexy supporting bodice are ultimate laminating Talents. This is also true for the swimwear. If you do not have a swimsuit like to wear then choose necessarily a bikini with high-cut trousers. Should also be highlighted in the pants from the inside, so that the stomach is easily supported. Which swimsuit is best for your body shape, please click here: Swimwear for each figure. The ideal coats to conceal one tummy.