The cream eye shadow is a product of beauty rather difficult to choose which is to be used and is often ignored in favor of the compact or Zollverein. If you follow the advice in this guide you’ll appreciate the advantages of using a cream eye shadow , and be able to use it in the best way, but mostly you can choose the one most suitable for you.

The cream eye shadow has just creamy texture and can be easily worked with both their fingers with special brushes . It is particularly suitable for those with dry skin, but with some trick even those who have not can use it safely. Because of its texture colors give a different effect: in fact, are much more bright and shiny, almost like a second skin and give a natural look and fresh. To make good use of the cream eye shadow must take account of the fact that when it is applied the thickness is slightly greater than that in powder, precisely because creamy consistency. So it is very important to measure out the amount to be applied to not overdo it.


Preparation before application. It is also very important to prepare the skin in cream eyeshadow application: it is always necessary to do a good cleaning of the skin of the face and eye area before applying cosmetics, especially for those with oily skin because eyeshadow tends to remain in the folds of the eye and form unsightly lines where the product accumulates. First you have to remove with cleansing milk, residues of makeup and sebum. Then you have to apply the eye cream or face cream. A fundamental suggestion for a good trick is always to wait at least fifteen minutes before applying any makeup on her face, to allow the cream to absorb completely. If you have a normal or dry skin cream eye shadow is ideal, but to make it last longer before you need to apply a primer eyes. If you have oily skin, after the cream is well absorbed, apply a primer and does not open his eyes at once, but leave them closed to make it adhere well to the skin. After some ‘stretch a layer of powder without going overboard with the amount, otherwise you may mix everything when you apply the cream eye shadow.

Let us now see its application. You can spread it with your fingers, especially with the fingertip, always after you have created the base as I described earlier: should I use the ring finger, the finger is more sensitive and allows you to not do too much pressure on the area: then begins to tap the color on the eyelid. You must make sure to always have clean hands and not prevalence too much at once, otherwise you drool the trick. The eye shadow, in contact with the fingers heats and increases the ease of preparation and the color quality. You can also spread it with the brush: if you want a more light using a gradient brush, soft, to get a natural result. If you want a concentrated color and more visible using a flat brush. It should always use brushes with synthetic bristles, so that the color slides and she spread better. This application allows you to be more precise as they spread the color.