The fish therapy, or be pampered by small fish dipping legs and feet in tanks in which these fish help to naturally soften the skin.

Take care of your body and consequently also of his own psyche is very important and sometimes enough very few gestures, daily or weekly, with the help of new therapies such as that used small fish!

The fish therapy

May have seen making a trip to the mountains, those beautiful streams where you can soak your feet and immediately feel an immediate well-being related to the freshness and purity of water. It can also be enjoyable even walk a few steps in of these streams, being careful not to slip, to experience a unique feeling of well-being. A good feeling this may be added the combined presence of small fish, which in fish are combined therapy as a treatment, of course, to a center of aesthetics and beauty specialists.


At these centers you can soak your feet and legs in swimming pools where happy and free of small fish species Garra Rufa. These little friends are close to the legs and feet and eliminate the dead skin . fish is coming from selected farms, causing a kind of micro-tingling because of their labial mucosa has released an enzyme, dithrano, the same used for cosmetic creams which has the distinction of leave as a final effect skin soft and smooth to the touch! Cell regeneration is assured! How long is a treatment? usually takes about thirty minutes and the effect is immediate. Also from the psychological point of view is very important because it relaxes a lot, especially if you love nature, this is really a wellness treatment nature!

For those who are suitable for this treatment?

For everyone, no one is excluded, there are no contraindications, rather it is particularly suitable for those suffering from psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis and stains of old age in which it is important to peel naturally without the use of drugs. How much is the “fish pedicure?” The cost varies from center to center, but in principle is around 20 to 30 euro or so, sometimes they are also attractive promotional offers to 18 euro! Treatment is applicable not only the feet and legs even with hands, which are immersed in small aquariums, always controlled temperature and with continuous treatment.