Until a few years ago, the spring was the most popular season for ceremonies, now sees the trend as the summer season richer marriages. The summer weddings make freer invited to choose colorful clothes and soft , thanks to the sunbathers. Who, though, he had the uncertainty of that outfit to show off to these events, in this guide will find a list of five outfits for a wedding in the summer .


For an outfit simple and elegant , not obscure the beauty of the bride, the watchword is: tailler . You can choose between the combination jacket and trousers or skirt and jacket. This solution allows to move the rigidity of the complete, thanks to the choice of cut of the complete same, and under jacket. The colors and materials, help to emphasize their personality. The only rule: Do not exceed the accessories!

Not to give up their femininity, you can choose a dress from the fabric soft and flowing. It can range from the long dresses and short dresses , as long as you do not fall into the trash. Especially if you choose long dresses, pay close attention to the texture of the cloth; not indicated use prints or flashy clothes white (the only white dress that day, it must be to the bride). If you choose short dresses, the shoes will be in the foreground , but we must not give up comfort for this; choose a jewel sandal , with a heel not too high, that is wearable all day.

It is the version of tailler easy, but it retains the elegance and sobriety. The matching pant building (or soft lines) and jacket, is one of the most popular choices. Although they are all the rage, it is suggested to avoid the cigarette pants. The ideal is to have done with a fresh coat or tunic in cracks, pastel colors or more bright and warm. Strict is the heel twelve.

remaining on the classic, you can choose the timeless sheath dress. It is a must for all time, with him you do not fall into error! Just choose the line is suitable for your body, with the length that most enhances their legs. You can choose to try or united with the side inserts to lengthen the figure; you can choose plain or lace … Whatever model you choose, you will not fall never in error. The accessories and shoes, will be the model chosen to indicative.