What will be the trend for the next spring summer 2013 hair? We asked to hair stylist Luigi Blacks.

Although we are still in the middle of winter are already clear new trends in beauty and fashion for the next season. Among the colors must for spring-summer 2013 fashion stands out the right shade of all, the emerald green it will color the windows of shops selling clothing and accessories and give a fresh feel to the interior decoration.

Regarding the make-up, we seen the emergence of three major trends from the catwalks of the latest fashion shows: colorful eye shadows paired with nude lips, the timeless smoky eye and mouth in the foreground with strong colors.

 What happens instead in the diverse world dell hairstyle? Even here there are surprises and news. We can say that the trend is hair rather short or where the cut is very clear and strong and the colors are favored shades of nature: wood tones, neutral colors and shades of the wood burning jungle.

For a complete overview on hair trends for next season, we interviewed the ‘ hair stylist Luigi Blacks who tells us what’s new for cuts, colors and hairstyles. Luigi, can you tell us what will be the trend for hair cuts for next spring Summer 2013? “Question very apt 🙂 In reality when dealing with trend and create cuts and colors, I realized that trends often do not refer to a particular element as the fringe, the helmet, scaling etc. Today it has become commonplace, and let too simple to say to a woman: “It is fashionable to the helmet.” The evolution of fashion brings in several directions: a look for each, tailor made, a tailored suit, have a style, this is definitely the most current trend. But to answer the big question, the p / and a strong inspiration comes from nature and from this they are sure many twists and wavy hair as climbing plants to more classic styles, hair tousled as mosses falsely attacking the rocks to contemporary styles or geometric cuts but unstructured as sea anemones on more aggressive look and Pop.


But if I think of the trend rather short hair or wherever you see the haircut, leaving that aspect natural “wild”. ” Regarding colors, there is a privileged tone for next season? “From the beginning the color is the element that defines a glance the mood of a person. But it is essential that you choose first of all on the basis of skin and eye color of the person who should wear. Another important aspect of choosing a shade is the saturation must have, such as a fluorescent orange color too (hard to carry) desaturation in its color changes to a beautiful Irish, much more restrained but equally energetic. The palette of the season ranging from numerous shades of wood as chestnut, bamboo, mahogany, wenge for the classic tones of a wood or Irish colors in neutral tones and cold for the most innovative and finally the bright colors of a tropical jungle for more aggressive and pop.

Must only real (and innovation of recent years): no color together and not just to taste streaked streaked back now too. Much better enrich thousand shades with contrasting so delicate as not to be noticed, or so strong as to leave no room for doubt. ” Since we go to the hot weather we women are also very concerned with hairstyles, especially if they are fashionable and practical at the same time . We will settle for less? “I must say that the” do it yourself “has inspired many catwalks in recent years, and despite a great return even hairstyles super diva, I would say that you will settle. Surely the trusted hairdresser can give some interesting tips for the look of all days. ” On the catwalks of many designers have proposed the knot hairstyle and it seems like he is really the trend of spring summer 2013. We confirm it? “Ni? Tie your hair is definitely something that exists in the upcoming season and then we can certainly call it “must”.

What for me is infinitely important to note is how many aspects can assume that “node”: structured and shiny (classic), and slightly Matt crepe (ethnic), soft and well-groomed (romantic), huge and colorful (pop). In short, I believe that our work is a means to tell a story and that story is the dream of how people who come to us want to feel. ” We can also reveal some anticipation hair trends for fall / winter 2013-2014 ? “2014? In a nutshell: full colors, strong shape, multitexture »