It’s time to change your look, it’s time to think about spring , the warm tones and hues and sparkling Vispe that characterize the hot season. It is true, the winter and its cold still do not abandon us completely and it’s really hard to imagine a little ‘color in our wardrobe, but just look around, around windows, to see the first hints of color. As you know the emerald green is the color of 2013 must and will stain most clothing and accessories. It is this nuance, along with many other pastel and neon, star of the spring / summer collection 2013 of Tezenis.

The famous brand low cost offers intimate and garments easy wear to always be in fashion every occasion. The collection is played on some key issues, first of all just the full color. Especially in the clothing line that we find ourselves in front of a wide range of proposals sparkling. Among the models from which you can choose, as well as the cute sweater multicolor cotton, you will also find mini dress gradient effect that shades ranging from yellow to green. Likeable neck tank tops American also characterized by floral patterns. Colorful flowers sprouting also on many shorts summer, you can find also in plain.


If you love the leggings , but no more than simple, single color, know that Tezenis you can find many imaginative and sparkling, the exotic prints in the optical. The funny T-shirts 70s style, a bit ‘hippy, characterized by long fringes and peace symbols in the shape of heart.

Also camouflage prints, camouflage or the military, including the proposed Tezenis. Beautiful and comfortable the long skirt colors ‘fading’, the waterproof parka, pants suit, and even the complete intimate. About underwear, discover what’s new in the proposals underwear.

Particularly noteworthy are the fantasies, bursting with joy intense colors but there are complete chic and sensual. The lace is the main protagonist and is often offered in a two-tone, combining two soft colors like aqua and lilac. Beautiful corsets blacks plot with flowers and panties .

Among the patterns stand out strongly polka dots and flowers , singly or in mix version, as neither the complete that you can see in the picture. Among the colors stand out choices the pale yellow, green water, deep pink, emerald green, and blue.

Balconies in Eyelet, transparent outfits and sensual but also models with rhinestones or big hearts win and complete a collection full of enthusiasm.