The treatment with anti-aging are becoming more numerous and women to fight the signs of passing time also tend to be more and more non-invasive and natural healing. The dear old Bot-ox smooths out wrinkles at the instant, but there are so many cases of artifacts and faces totally devoid of expression that women are increasingly reluctant to intervene on your face with Bot-ox fillers, and are increasingly interested in methods non-invasive that allow you to smooth the face with a more natural result . The new craze of the Star is acupuncture, but was not chosen as a remedy to relax the muscles and joints, but as a useful tool for toning the skin and rejuvenate the appearance.

The facelift with acupuncture is an effective non-surgical treatment which reduces the signs of aging. It is based on the principles of Chinese medicine that uses thin needles inserted on the face and neck to treat wrinkles and irregularities of the skin. The use of needles stimulates the production of energy at the cellular level, the synthesis of collagen, the turgor of the musculature of the face blood circulation, in this way the face looks brighter, tonic and young.


The facelift with acupuncture is a real bio-lifting linked to bio stimulation of tissue with revitalizing and rejuvenating. Acupuncture, however, does not act only on an aesthetic level, but it is a real spa treatment. The wrinkles are treated together with the causes of their occurrence, therefore undergoing this practice often not see any improvement in mood, sleep better, have more energy and feel more relaxed. The benefits for the entire body because you have the points used for lifting with acupuncture on the face, are very important points for both their action at the local level, both for their ability to deal with the bodies. Balancing the imbalances of the body and mind improves your health and appearance.

Have recently discovered this kind of lifting many Hollywood stars, always attentive to the new way in the field of war on wrinkles , the last in order of time was Cameron Diaz in government spending is in fact the most recent appeared in great shape, ” exhibiting “a smooth face and bright. The treatment of wrinkles with acupuncture does not replace the traditional face-lift and is not comparable to the effect of bot-ox is injected into the skin because not a substance filling, but it is a treatment that activates and strengthens the entire body and after about six or seven sessions the improvement of the appearance of the face are considerable.